Mental Health, Law, Criminal Courts – Presentations

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Mental Health, Law, Criminal Courts – Presentations

The results of my SSHRC-funded interdisciplinary doctoral study exploring the potential for criminal court mental health initiatives in Nunavut have been shared with the federal government, members of the Nunavut Bar, the Arviat community justice committee and the scientific community.

Ferrazzi, P. (Mar. 9, 2017). Extending the reach of rehabilitation science into Arctic criminal courts. Conversations North Speaker Series 2017. UAlberta North. University of Alberta.

Ferrazzi, P. (Jan. 17, 2017). Specialized courts in Nunavut. Justice Canada – Department of Justice. (Presentation via video-link technology from University of Alberta to federal government in Ottawa, Yellowknife, Whitehorse and Iqaluit).

Ferrazzi, P. (Oct. 13, 2016). Mental health and the justice system in Nunavut. Canadian Bar Association, Nunavut Branch. Nunavut Research Institute, Iqaluit. (Law Society of Nunavut recognized this event for professional development credit hours for lawyers).

Ferrazzi, P. (Nov. 22, 2016). Criminal law in Nunavut: Practice and research. Northern Night, Faculty of Law, University of Alberta.

Ferrazzi, P. (Apr. 29, 2016). Remote technologies for responding to people with mental illness in Nunavut criminal courts: A qualitative examination of current capacity and potential. Transforming Health Care in Remote Communities. University of Alberta. Session: Tools (I).

Ferrazzi, P. (June 8-12, 2015). Therapeutic jurisprudence, rehabilitation, and mental illness in criminal courts in Inuit Arctic communities. 16th International Congress on Circumpolar Health. University of Oulu, Finland.